Plan Your Trip with Google Floor Plans

Do you use maps to plan your trips? If so, you’ll be happy to hear that Google recently launched Floor Plans for the web version of Maps. Until now, indoor maps were only available on Android devices. And, it’s probably because I own an iPhone that I didn’t even know that Google Floor Plans even existed. Finding your way around an airport, museum or rail station just got way easier!

It’s still in beta, and I’m wishing I had this tool when visiting the museums in London this past summer. The British Museum is over 990,000 square feet with numerous rooms and galleries; you could spend more than a day trying to see everything. The British Museum is one location in Great Britain that has submitted their layout to Google’s tool. You can see a complete listing here. I’m thinking I would now be able to use my phone, which I carry with me anyways, to get around a museum. Google Maps can also display where you are within the venue’s floor plan. No more need for large, folded maps! Well, except for a souvenir.

Now, if only it could tell me where someone else is if I get separated in a museum or airport…

The British Museum Floor Plan

The British Museum Floor Plan


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