Make Your Resolution a Travel Resolution

Interlaken Canyoning

Getting ready to rappel, slide and jump down rocks and waterfalls in a local canyon in Interlaken, Switzerland

A recent article by travel writer Maureen Jenkins highlighted some great travel-themed resolutions worthy of seasoned and unseasoned travelers. I’m personally inspired by “start a travel-specific savings account” and “say you’re not a “tour” or “cruise” person? Give one a shot.”

Here’s her top eight:

  1. Take off on your own — even if you’re traveling with a group.
  2. Don’t let the lack of a foreign language keep you at home.
  3. Say you’re not a “tour” or “cruise” person? Give one a shot.
  4. Don’t be ashamed to fall back on what’s familiar.
  5. Vow not to leave vacation days on the table.
  6. Start a travel-specific savings account.
  7. Do at least ONE thing that scares you while you’re on the road.
  8. Don’t let other people’s fears keep you from going.


Happy New Year! What’s your travel resolution for 2013?


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