4 Airfare Sites to Snag a Deal

If you’re taking to the skies this holiday season to visit family or escape to warmer climates, you’ll probably spend some time searching for flights on websites like Expedia.com, Kayak.com or airline-owned websites. Trying to find a deal can be a time-consuming task and more websites are popping up hoping to ease the pain.

What site do you use to find the best deal? Let me know below in the comments.

1. GetGoing


Apparently, it pays to be flexible and put caution to the wind. This travel-booking service for leisure travelers provides significant discounts when you allow them to choose your destination. As part of the Pick Two, Get One™ service, you can pick a region of the world you’d like to visit or choose travel based on activity themes like “History and Culture” or “Beaches and Sun.” From there you create two flight itineraries and enter your personal and payment information before knowing which destination GetGoing chooses for you. The site can also be used to compare and book flights in the traditional manner.


2. Hipmunk


This West Coast startup co-founded by the creator of Reddit breathes new life into flight search by visually displaying arrival and departure options in a timeline. Move the arrival and departure sliders to narrow your search and repopulate results on the same screen. Hipmunk aims to show you only the best results by filtering based on your priorities: price, duration, arrival and departure times, airline, number of stops, and the uniquely termed “agony” – a combination of price, duration and number of stops.


3. FlyinAway


If you’re a fan of eBay bidding wars, then you’ll likely get a kick out of this site that lets you bid against other travelers for flights. Key to this equation is that a route doesn’t open up until enough people have expressed interest. Currently flights are for U.S. destinations only.


4. Momondo


This colorful website shows best prices available through monthly bar graphs, making it easier to see daily trends in flight costs throughout a particular month. Momondo also offers different airlines for your trip out and back if it helps you save money. The footer of the website offers links to popular destinations and insightful information about the area including weather, hot spots, and the cost of items like water, beer and taxi rides.


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